It was all for someone else...

Many of you may know that we have decided to move to Lake Meade in East Berlin, PA. It was something we always knew in the backs of our minds, but we have put so much into our house in Wellsville that we had planned to stay here for at least 10 years or more. Until, that is, a real potential deal on a lakefront property in the lake open up.

We spent several months talking to and working out a deal with the property owner - only for it to all fall through a few weeks ago. By then, however, we had already started 'finishing' our house in order to get it on the market. That is the great part. Things that have been on our "To Do" list for 2+ years have finally gotten, or are getting done. The only difference is they aren't getting done to what we had envisioned they'd be as the homeowners. Instead, they are getting done just well enough to better the look of the property in hopes that it will sell.

For instance: Instead of stamped concrete walkways and patio, we're going bare bones with brushed concrete. Instead of the beautiful glass front door we had planned to buy, we painted the existing one red to match the other door. Instead of new bedroom doors in the older part of the house, we just got new doorknobs. And so on.

That doesn't mean we're doing things half-ass. This is, after all, a pretty nice home. Our challenge, however is that our home does not fit any traditional description. Originally a rancher, we added a 2 story addition and turned the old garage into a living room. We went from 1400 to 2800 SF. So, we could be considered a "Ranch-Split-Level-with-a-FROG". But that doesn't really do a good job of describing it.

I'll post pictures when we are ready to start posting them FSBO - which we are only doing for a few weeks to see if maybe, just maybe someone is looking for exactly our type of house and we can maybe close this deal privately. Know anyone that is looking to move to the Northern York County SD? Hint, hint.