Picking Out Stone

Yesterday, my husband and I finally chose the stone that we will use to compliment our clay colored siding. We opted to incorporate stone on portions of the house in order to sort of "keep up with the Joneses" since the new houses in the surrounding developments and area are doing something similar. Our house is a 1978 rancher and in order to get it to stand up to the current trends, we felt this was a good option.
We chose Mainline Cobblestone (pictured below) and we plan to use a grey or muted grout color. We liked that this stone has varied colors - some bold and some muted, which will make the areas we are using the stone pop against the siding. We also plan to get dark brown or dark reddish brown shutters and paint our main entry doors some sort of deep red (final decision on this is yet to be determined and we will wait until the rest of the house is done before deciding on the door color).
I will blog about how the stone veneer looks once it is up, but that will likely be several weeks, if not, months from now.