Onto the next phase

OK, so I already mentioned that we moved into the office and have started the transformation of the new living room. DH worked his tail off to get the drywall hung, and I even helped a bit! We waited forever for our drywall finisher to get back to us, and he was supposed to start two days ago, but never showed. But he assures us that he is coming tomorrow at 7AM to get on it and if he does, it really should only take him a few days to finish it. DH already started the finishing, so that will save us money on this guy's labor.

Meanwhile, we started brainstorming and browsing for kitchen remodel ideas. We're drooling over the new Electrolux appliances that have induction cooktops, but we haven't justified the acquisition of one. We really aren't sure if it would be worth having one, and unless we buy a drop-in, we can' get one with 6 burners like we planned on getting. So, we are leaning towards getting another built-in range like we bought in Vermont. I just dread having to clean those grills, but it isn't the end of the world, I suppose. Gas heat is the best. It is exciting to be at this point of the renovations, but the end result still seems so far away. I keep hoping that we can have a celebration party in our "new home" this fall, but I know better than to be too optimistic. We have done this so many times that I know that having unrealistic expectations only adds unnecessary stress to an already stressful project. Don't get me wrong, we love to do this type of stuff (or we wouldn't have done it so often), but there is a percentage of stress for every 10% of fun you get out of renovating a house.

I'll post some pics of our current kitchen after I take a few - this will be an amazing before & after job...can't wait for the after!!!