In its final stages...

Well, we have the kitchen about 90% done. The remaining 10% includes the tile backsplash, a new main light and getting the stone for the fireplace. Some things are on hold. We want to eventually get the tile for the backsplash, but for now, we have just painted the walls and that is fine. We also have lots of trim to hang, and some touch up painting. And, of course, we seem to have a very empty house. I feel like I just do not know where to start with decor! No pictures on the walls yet, and that is what I am grappling with. But, to satisfy your need to see what our kitchen now looks like, here are a few pictures.

This one is of Jason using the new stove. In particular, I really love the pendant lights, but that round flourescent light eventually must go!!!

This is a shot of where the wall in the LR used to be. Now it is nice a open, and we can enter from there or from the old dining room side.