Oops! Forgot about YOU!

I COMPLETELY forgot about this blog. Wow. Maybe its because we basically stopped renovations after we put up the stone on the fireplace...wait, I'm trying to remember...yes, yes, that's what happened. Fast forward 1 year and 3 months and we have done basically NOTHING to our house. Chalk it up to our crazy, insane, busy lifestyle and the fact that my hubby started yet ANOTHER business venture and you get to just stop in your tracks.

I'm none too happy about it, though. There are so many little things left undone - trim here, doors, there, no grout in the exterior stone almost 2 years after we put the stone on (ironically, though, we did just have a guy come today to quote us on finishing the job). Sigh. Patio, walkways, landscaping, extending the deck, and yes, of course, there is also putting in a swimming pool and somehow enlarging our pathetic miniature room that we use as a Master Bedroom. HA! Not likely all to happen anytime in the next, oh 20 years...

But I digress. Back to this blog. I totally forgot about it. I only stumbled upon it because I posted a comment on a blog I read almost daily. One that has nothing to do with renovating. A fun, bright and airy blog that leaves you feeling like all your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed. One that makes you wish you had a huge walk in closet in your...Master...Bedroom. Sigh.

Well, hopefully I'll have a reason to post on here with some renovation tidbits soon. But I'm not gonna hold my breath, and neither should you.